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with Neuro Music

Scientifically proven music stimulation
tunes your brain to the optimal state.

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Neuro Music

Neuro Music is the music designed to enhance or attenuate a certain band of brainwaves, and has been scientifically proven to have an effect on brainwaves when listened to. It is composed for the purpose of influencing the human mind and body, and has specific benefits, like enhance focus or relaxation.

Neuro Earphones

Earphones that allow you to easily analyze brainwaves in your daily life. While listening to music, you can create your own brainwave AI model to score your relax and focus.


Neuroscience is a cutting-edge field and has the potential to enrich future society. However, it was believed that it would take decades for its results to reach the general public.
VIE has developed an easy-to-use, earphone-type electroencephalograph that analyzes brain states and provides brain intervention technology through music, video, and other stimuli.

Collaborate with us

Neuro Music Label:əsénd

VIE's Neuro Music label "əsénd" is looking for artists to create Neuro Music. Artists who are interested in creating music that works for the brain and participating in the creation of a new music scene, please contact us below.