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VIE Zone/Chill - Neuro Earphones

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Waterproof function

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  • Free within Japan
  • $20 per shipment for shipments to North America

About payment

  • Various credit cards (VISA, Master, JCB, AMEX, Diners)
  • PayPay
  • GMO deferred payment (convenience store, bank, post office)


  • Equipped with brain wave sensor in earphones

    A special conductive ear tip measures brain waves from the ear canal, and a sensor at the back of the neck measures pulse waves.

  • Latest communication performance

    Equipped with Qualcomm's latest chip. Achieves the latest communication performance of Bluetooth 5.0.

  • Excellent waterproof performance

    Equipped with IPX6 complete waterproof performance.
    *This function is only available for VIE CHILL.

  • high quality speaker

    The high-quality sound will satisfy even those who are particular about sound quality.


  • During the outdoor bath after the sauna

    Enhance relaxation in the air bath after sauna.

  • For relaxing time at home

    For a breather at home. For coffee time or bath.

  • Improve concentration during sports

    During training, maximize your performance.


  • Size
  • What's included
    Ear tips and the case
    USB-TypeC cable
  • Chip
    Qualcomm QCC5124
  • audio
  • Connection
    Bluetooth 5.0
  • Battery
    Up to 15 hours play time
    Up to 8 hours of brainwave measurement time
    Fully charged in the fastest 1.5 hours
  • Compatible smartphone device
    OS iOS 15.0 or higher
    iPhoneX, iPhone11, iPhone12, iPhone13, iPhone14, iPhone14Pro, iPhone15, iPhone15Pro, iPhoneSE

    OS 12 or higher
    Pixel4, Pixel5a, Pixel 6, Pixel 6a, Pixel 6 pro, Pixel 7, Pixel 7Pro, Pixel 8, Pixel 8Pro


  • Q. How to wear it
    Select the ear tips that match the size of your ears and fit eartips deeply into your ear canal
    Make sure that the two sensors on the neckband that you wear around your neck are always touching your neck.
  • Q. What kind of information can I get by measuring brainwaves with VIE Tunes?
    You can get information on whether you were in a focused or relaxed state.
    Brain waves, heart rate are measured using earphones and a neck sensor around the neck, and the data is analyzed using brain AI.
  • Q. How can I create my own brainwave model?
    You can create the personal AI model by doing the calibration test. Or you can record your best brain state (e.g. while taking an outdoor bath after a sauna). Once saved, you can use your personal model.
  • Q. Can I use it inside the sauna?
    We recommend using it while bathing in the open air. Please refrain from using in high temperature saunas, cold baths, etc.