Neuro Earphones analyze focus and relax.
Optimize your brain with Neuro Music.

Wear Neuro Earphones and create a brain AI model by analyzing your brainwaves. Personalized Neuro Music that stimulates your brain and guides you to the optimal state in various situations such as work, meditation, yoga, sauna, sleep, etc.
※VIE Tunes Pro requires a Neuro Earphones.


  • 脳効率


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Chang, M., Tanaka, K., Naruse, Y., Imamura, Y., & Fujii, S. (2023). Influence of Monaural Auditory Stimulation Combined with Music on Brain Activity. Frontiers, 2024-1.


  • During the air bath after the sauna

    Enhance relaxation in the air bath after sauna.

  • For relaxing time at home

    When you want to relax and take a breather at home, for coffee time or bath.

  • Improve focus during sports

    During training when you want to maximize your performance.

How to start

  • Wear the device and analyze your brainwaves.

  • Creating a personal brainwave AI model.

  • Neuro Music that stimulates your brain guides you to the optimal brain state.

VIE Zone/Chill

High-quality Bluetooth earphones that can measure brainwaves. Analyze, record, and score your brain state in real time while listening to music.


Visualize your brain state.

Score your focus and relax level in real time.

Create your own brainwave AI model.

Record your brainwaves when you can focus at your best and when you are in deepest relaxation, AI will learn your best brain state and create the personal AI model.

Record the brain state in realtime

By wearing the device and listening to music, you can record and check your level of focus and relax in realtime.

Neuro Music guides you to focus and relax

Scientiffically proven Neuro Music personaly curated for you will guide you to the optimal brain state of focus and relax,


Neuroscience is a cutting-edge field that has the potential to bring richness to future society. However, it would take decades for the results to reach the general public.
VIE has developed easy-to-use earphone-type electroencephalograms, analyzes brain conditions, and provides brain intervention technology using stimulation such as music and images.