Reflecting on the success of the MUTEK・DOMMUNE special program.

The 'MUTEK.JP 2023' event held in December 2023, along with the pre-festival special program by DOMMNE titled 'VIE Presents: "Neuro Music Workshop Vol.01 - Music and Neuroscience,"' which was streamed as part of the prelude, has successfully concluded. The two-day event's highlights have been featured on Real Sound, and we will now provide a partial excerpt of the content.


DOMMUNE's special program focusing on music and neuroscience


In the special program broadcasted on December 6th (Wednesday) on DOMMUNE, Naohiro Ukawa, the representative of DOMMUNE, along with Taehiko Imamura, the CEO of VIE, and Shin'ya Fujii, Chief Music Officer, engaged in a discussion on the theme of music and neuroscience.

As a recent example in neuroscience, 'Neuro Music' was discussed, exploring the potential development in the field of medicine through the manipulation of gamma wave stimulation and inducing theta waves to guide individuals into a relaxed state. In the latter half of the program after the discussion, Keigo Tanaka, involved in VIE's Neuro Music production, presented a DJ play featuring Gamma Music, which generated significant buzz on social media.

Delving into the allure of neurotechnology through a collaboration talk on Ghost in the Shell


At 'MUTEK.JP 2023,' held over three days from December 8th, VIE participated on the final day, offering visitors enriching content such as a Ghost in the Shell collaboration talk show and workshop.

In the talk session 'Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045: Special Collaboration,' guest speakers Professor Rei Wakita from Keio University's Faculty of Environment and Information Studies, and producers Haruyasu Makino and Daichi Sasa from the movie 'Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045,' were invited. Alongside VIE's Shin'ya Fujii, they discussed the future human image through the integration of the brain with music. Explaining the collaboration between VIE and Ghost in the Shell, Sasa mentioned, 'I actually experienced VIE's brainwave-detecting device, and the image of connecting a plug to the body coincidentally overlapped with the idea of Motoko Kusanagi.' Furthermore, after experiencing VIE's earphone-type brainwave monitor, Professor Wakita commented, 'It's more of a functional cyborg, or rather, non-invasive. I was surprised by the reality that such a product already exists'.

After the talk session, a special program followed with a real-time visualization of brainwaves while performing Neuro Music in an audio-visual live performance. Additionally, there was a workshop on Neuro Music production through collaboration between VIE and Ableton.

Over the course of two days, we shared and explored the possibilities of music and neuroscience, creating a profound and engaging experience through the event. Through the charm and excitement of neurotechnology, we aim to continue using the power of neurotechnology and entertainment to contribute to the creation of a rich and sensory-filled society. This event has strengthened our commitment to this goal.

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Real Sound|「脳科学とAIが融合した最新テクノロジー「ニューロミュージック」とは?宇川直宏や『攻殻機動隊』制作チームが語り合う」