Neuro Music tunes your brain.
Switch easily between relax and focus at will.

Neuroscience-proven Neuro Music stimulation leads you to the brain state you want to be in.
※VIE Tunes is available without a Neuro Earphones.


  • 脳効率


  • ストレス


  • リラックス


Chang, M., Tanaka, K., Naruse, Y., Imamura, Y., & Fujii, S. (2023). Influence of Monaural Auditory Stimulation Combined with Music on Brain Activity. Frontiers, 2024-1.


  • Improve your focus during work

    Improve your focus during the important work. Maximize your brain performance.

  • Deep relaxation anytime, anywhere

    Guide your brain to the resting state in a short period of time.

  • Put your brain into sleep mode

    Calm the brain during sleepless nights and induce sleep.

How to start

  • Select your favorite Neuro Music

  • Customize your current mood and desired mood with the slider

  • Guide you to the optimal brain state with Neuro Music


Tune your music with slider

Use the sliders to adjust "your current mood" and "the state you want to be in." Music that works on the brain leads to the optimal state.

Collaboration with artists

Original Neuro Music created with various artists will be added.


Neuroscience is a cutting-edge field that has the potential to bring richness to future society. However, it would take decades for the results to reach the general public.
VIE, Inc. has developed easy-to-use earphone-type electroencephalograms, analyzes brain conditions, and provides brain intervention technology using stimulation such as music and images.